Final Product

On Friday, September 30th, I finally picked up the Operation Refugee Child donations. I had gone by the ASB office multiple times, yet none of the students knew where the donations were or where Mr. Nguyen was.

After the announcements had been  messed up and the variety of other problems, I honestly had no idea what to expect. When I went into the office, I was prepared to find we had no donations or a very small amount. We ended up with about 2 bags of school supplies and a backpack donation.




On August 24th, Bella, Michelle, and I went to the freshman orientation to hand out more flyers and to try and get the freshman motivated. I texted everyone in the group chat to plan what time we should get there: I was thinking 8:30 for the 9 am start, yet they wanted to do 10 minutes before. I got there about 8:45, then Michelle got there a little less than 10 minutes later, and Bella got there at 9. When I got there, the gym was already full of freshman, so I wasn’t sure what to do, I called Bella and Michelle to see if they when they were going to get there, but I figured at this point we would need to pass the flyers out after since we would miss so many of them. When everyone was there, the presentation had already started, so at Bella’s recommendation, we decided to pass the flyers out to each of the groups during the school tours. At first I was a bit worried that we would miss a group, but as we got started we came up with a process to get all of the groups. By the end, we had handed out all of the 300 flyers that I printed and cut out.

On the first day of school, I brought a bin to the ASB office for people to donate their items. At the start of 3rd period, I was expecting to hear the announcement’s that Michelle and I had written a few weeks ago. The announcements kept going and then it ended. Nothing. I thought, it’s the first day, they’ll get it together by tomorrow. Then, nothing again. I went to the ASB office searching for Mr. Nguyen twice, and waited around all of lunch hoping he would come back. Then, on Wednesday I finally found him on the lower quad with Mr. Bode and was able to talk to him. He said he got the announcements in for Thursday, September 1st, and that we could extend it to next week. After talking to our group, I emailed him that night to confirm that we wanted to extend it. Thursday morning, the announcement’s played, yet it was our original one for Thursday that said “Tomorrow is the last day to bring in all supplies for Operation Refugee Child.” On Friday, it was fixed, as they announced that the fundraiser is extended through next week. Now, I just hope everyone will donate. I think I am going to ask Mrs. Farmer to talk about it during her classes and see if there is any other way to spread the word. I also messaged the El Toro ASB Instagram account to see if they could announce it.

Flyers and Registration

20160810_234504 (1)

From flyers for my dad’s office to the final draft

After the meeting last week, I spent a few hours editing the flyer. I formatted it and deleted unnecessary wording so that it would fit onto a half page, and I put two copies on a normal 8 by 11 page. Then, I sent a picture in our group chat for any advice, and Bella recommended that I put the information about what we want from them in the box. They also recommended looking at flyer outlines on Microsoft Word, but I found that almost all of the designs were intended for a full page. After my final edits, I ran it by them again and they cleared it so I sent it Mr. Nguyen. We also planned out what days we would go to hand out the flyers; Jaclyn and I Monday, me Tuesday, Michelle Wednesday, and Jaclyn Thursday. We looked up prices at local printing places (about $40 for 800 double sided), and Michelle checked another area, yet it would be the same price. Once I talked to my dad, we thought it would be best if I print them. So I first printed all of them single sided then fed them back through the printer to get the back side. I split them into printing jobs of 200 so that I would know how many are in each pile to split each day, then once I cut them I had 400 per pile: it took about an hour and half to cut all of the papers, yet once I got the hang of what line to cut down it went a lot faster.


When I went to registration Monday I met Jaclyn and we asked if we could put flyers at a couple of different stops so there would be a greater chance people would get the flyers. I was a bit unsettled with this idea because I thought that if we were to hand them out an one place then we could catch everyone since they have to stop at all of the places. I wanted to honor her idea, so we left the flyers. Then today, Tuesday the 16th, I went back to registration to help in the library and check on the flyers,yet I found that almost no one had taken them from the first stop and a ton were gone from the stop in front of the ASB office. Today the flyers weren’t out in front of the ASB office so I am going to ask that everyone just check in and ensure the flyers are out each morning instead of staying the whole time. I also ran into Mr. Nguyen and he confirmed that we could go to the freshman orientation on Wednesday to tell the freshman about the project and hand out flyers. I also emailed Operation Refugee Child again to check in and let them know the school project is working and in progress. Throughout this project it has been difficult to communicate between the four of us, as one or two might respond to my texts but one person or a couple might not then we’re all not sure if they agree or if they can attend an event. It is starting to get easier to communicate so I hope we can see this project through.


Meeting Mr. Nguyen

Today, August 10th, Michelle and I met Mr. Nguyen at El Toro. I think that it is crazy everything that has happened so far, as our original plans were to do the fundraiser at school, then we changed plans to go around to businesses, and although we went around to businesses, we are back to our original plan to do the fundraiser at school.

When we arrived at the meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as his email made it sound as if we were just picking up a fundraiser form. When we walked into his office, he told us to grab chairs so then it hit me we would be having a meeting. Again, thanks to MUN and multiple school projects, I was able to improvise and explain what we wanted to do with the project. I wish I could’ve added a bit more, and told him about the hope boxes but I think he has the general idea. He liked the idea and said that we could hand out flyers during registration and he even offered that we could go to freshman orientation on the 24th to hand out more flyers and explain to the freshman. We decided that it would be best to have a bin in the ASB office for people to bring supplies, that we could do the fundraiser from August 29th to September 2nd, to print about 400 flyers per class, and to edit the flyer, make it half page, and resend it to him. At the end of the meeting, he also realized that we wouldn’t be able to raise money without a club, and I mentioned that we had a link to a website with the money, yet they thought it could cross lines. I was slightly dissapointed that we would only be able to have a supply drive, but I am happy Mr. Nguyen was so easy to work with and is helping the project progress. Michelle and I filled out 3 forms for announcements, as each one was only two days long. We spent a few minutes deciding on wording, but we came up with one for the first two days, one for Thursday, and one for the final day, Friday, to remind everyone to bring their items to the ASB office.




Preparation and Action

I had emailed operation refugee child once we completed the business list, yet there was a misunderstanding. Before I left for Colorado, I spent a few hours making a flyer to give to my dad to hand out at his work. Yesterday I edited this flyer with the new website, and set a new goal new goal, making it for the right audience. We have also been texting for hours in the group chat, and Jaclyn has been helping a lot. I emailed Mrs. Gusiff and Mr. Nguyen about the project, about sending out a link to the gofundme, and about doing a fundraiser at the school, and I set up an account and emailed philanthropy project, the website I learned about at the IB conference. I am talking to my group about switching from gofundme to philanthropy project, as donations are tax deductible, and I can plan events. On gofundme, I gave my dad permission to withdraw, then he will deposit that money into the new website.

So far, I have learned a lot more about leadership and asking their opinions and letting others do tasks, as I tried to do this somewhat before but this clarified how I can improve myself. As I learned at the IB conference, I would like to solve the root cause of this problem instead of finding a temporary solution, yet I am struggling to see if this is the root cause, but I cant travel to Greece and Jordan at this time to talk to them, and based on research it seems as if this will help them. I thought about trying to get seeds so they can grow a garden their and get their own food, but I don’t know if they have space or resources but I am going to ask. I also worked on making a new qr code, for philanthropy project rather thangofundme, and after 5 websites didn’t work to scan, I used an app on my phone.

I also went to the spectrum with Bella, Michelle, and Jaclyn, and we went around to multiple stores and asked if they’d be willing to donate or put the flyers up. I really wanted to go into every store to try, but it was difficult because they didn’t want to go into a lot of stores, claiming that the store probably wouldn’t do anything to help, yet I think its better to try. As we went around, I was able to use  some of what I learned as leader: I started introductions and pitched at the first few stores, although it was weird at first, then I got used to it, then I tried to let them go so they could try as well. It has been difficult to communicate, and to get everyone to respond but the project plan is slowly working. I have learned so much about communicating, relying on others, improved my skills, emailing, creating a visually appealing flyer, and time management.

First Meeting

20160620_092022(0) (1)Last night I texted Bella, Michelle, and Jaclyn in our group chat to try and plan a meeting for today after our orientation for online economics, as we all have a full schedule with our IB classes and can’t fit it in next year. We texted for over an hour to try and figure out the best time-frame and for everyone to be able to make it, but Michelle is taking the second session for summer school so she could not make it today, and is leaving tomorrow for vacation so today would be the only day. So, after orientation, Bella, Jaclyn, and I met at the Starbucks by Mission Viejo High School.

At the meeting, I shared everything that I was planning, and we talked about different businesses we can contact, solidified our fundraising plans, and set some goals. Based on the hope box checklist, we talked about Papermate for school supplies, Nature’s Valley, Kind Bars, and Cliff Bars for food, Kirkland for clothing, food and boxes, ToysRus, Crayola and fisher-price for toys, Bananaboat, Nuetrogena, and Kirkalnd for sunscreen, RightAid, Bandaid, Johnson and Johnson, and Aveeno for first aid items, Gerber for baby food, Purell for hand sanitizer, Always and Kotex for women hygiene products,and Fruitloom and Hanes for underwear. We are planning on contacting all of these businesses and more that we research and add to the google doc I created to ask for donations for the specific items they specialize in, or donations to the gofundme account that I will create. We also want to hold a fundraiser at restaurants and businesses to raise money, so we started brainstorming ideas, Jamba Juice and Chipotle, and we plan on starting to at for 15% of the proceeds for one Saturday, as there will be a lot of business, and as Bella pointed out, it’s better to aim higher and then work down than start at a low amount or an amount too high that they say no automatically.

At the meeting, I also talked more about how we could incorporate One World Play soccer balls into our goals. We set a goal of 250 hope boxes to send, with a high goal of $10,000 for the gofundme, following the motto to aim high. Operation Refugee Child specified in an earlier email I sent that they need money for shipping the backpacks to Greece, and we would use any leftovers to buy more supplies. I am slightly worried about the high goal, but I hope we can make it! When we started talking about the backpacks and cards, I suddenly thought of the idea to have a day for kids to make cards, or have El Toro students sign if we are able to have the drive in the first week of school (if it fits in the time frame for the warehouse dates). I had been thinking about the warehouse dates and setting our deadline for the next warehouse packing day Operation Refugee Child hosts previously, but I talked about it with Bella and Jaclyn and they agreed, so I decided I would email Operation Refugee Child to get a time frame for their next warehouse dates and to ask about possible languages for cards to send. We would like to set a deadline before the next warehouse date so that we could then pack the boxes, buy any extra supplies needed, and then I could drive everything to the warehouse and help volunteer to pack the hope boxes into backpacks. After I hear back from Operation Refugee Child about the warehouse dates, I am going to email the El Toro PSTO if it fits in the timeline to see if we could handout flyers at registration and hold the fundraiser during the first week of school. I am also going to share the google document I created with out mission statement and drafts for the emails so that we can all work on finding business contact information and then I will email all of the businesses.

This meeting definitely helped because we were finally able to get together in person, and not just text in the group chat, and I could talk to them about all of the ideas I had been brainstorming. I am excited to get working and create the social media accounts and start emailing to get the project going.